Gerhardt Knodel

Gerhardt Knodel: An Artist and His Work. 1982
Documentation of architectural projects and processes by Sue Marx Films

Gerhardt Knodel: 2016 American Craft Council Awards. (YouTube; American Craft Council, Sept 30, 2016) A personal reflection.

Letting Go, 2023, 15 minutes with Knodel’s Migrating Marionettes

Studio Interview #1. 2014 An introduction to Recovery Games 2012-2014

Whoosh. 2014 A companion to the installation “Whoosh”

Studio Interview #7. Dexterity Games: “Hopscotch” and “Gathering At Four Corners.”

Studio Interview #9. 2014 Recovery Games: A Pre-Columbian coincidence.

Minglings: A Journey Across Time. 2019 Tour of the exhibition.

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Gerhardt Knodel