Gerhardt Knodel

What If Textiles: The Art of Gerhardt Knodel - Contributions by Janet Koplos, Shelley Selim, Douglas Dawson, Rebecca A. T. Stevens, and Gerhardt Knodel. (A Schiffer Publication)

A look at all aspects of the work of contemporary textile artist Gerhardt Knodel, documenting the development of Knodel’s art from 1969 through 2014. Experts share insights on the earlier phases of Knodel’s work; his recent work, including a focus on games; and more. Resources include a biography orienting Knodel’s influences to his works, plus an illustrated chronology.

Minglings; A Journey Across Time, by Gerhardt Knodel
An investigation of a 17th century fragment of Chinese silk tapestry, resulting in 75 artworks by the artist, designed to assist others who look for ways to examine subjects that inspire interest and reaction.

Gerhardt Knodel: Inhabitations, by Marsha Miro. Portfolio Collection, Volume 16. Telos Publications, 2002.

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Material Difference; Soft Sculpture and Wall Works, by Polly Ullrich, Friends of Fiber Art International, 2006

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